What we do

  • Outsourced National Accounts Management
  • National Accounts Education and Training
  • Outsourced Medical Sales and Sales Management
  • Product Development and New Product Launches
  • Validation of Medical Industry Products and Services
  • Global Sales Expansion

Our benefits

  • Reduced cost and improved efficiency
  • National accounts experts at a fraction of the cost of direct employees
  • Proven strategies for contracting, launch, implementation and improved uptake
  • Stronger operational control
  • More flexibility
  • Continuity and risk management
  • Maintained focus on core activities
  • Increase Global Reach

How we do it

The Essential Approach to Business Growth in the Healthcare Industry - aligns corporate accounts strategy, sales structure and development, logistics, marketing, public relations and administrative services to quickly improve enterprise agility and domestic and global sales growth for medical industry suppliers.