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Essential Healthcare Management rolls out new EHM Global Business Solutions

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @03:14 PM


SEPTEMBER 15TH -- Doris Nagel and Vivek Bhargava have nearly 60 years of combined experience helping companies both large and small successfully expand their sales outside the U.S.  They have worked in senior global expansion roles at Baxter Healthcare, Allegiance Healthcare, CardinalHealth, Fenwal (now Frisenius), Briggs Healthcare, and Devicor Medical.  Their clients have included Salter Labs, Teleflex Medical, Ohio Medical, PharMEDium, Ellman Laboratories, Abbott, DSC Logistics, Abbott, American Biosurgical, Natus Healthcare, CDWBusiness and Decision Life Sciences, and Talecris BioPharma (now Griffols).

Brought together under the EHM umbrella, they offer big company sophistication combined with a practical, hands-on approach.  They know that one size does not fit all and carefully tailor their services to deliver their clients customized services to help avoid costly mistakes and enabling them to grow internationally much faster. 

Essential Healthcare Management is a healthcare business development firm that combines corporate account strategy and implementation with marketing and sales support for companies to create demand for their products and services to generate significant sales growth.  EHM Global Business Solutions expands the breadth of EHM's consulting services portfolio to offer companies, looking to expand sales outside of their home country, a total solution.

Doris and Vivek also bring to the table an extensive network of proven partners in complementary areas.  Some of these are subject matter experts with regulatory, tax, and supply chain experience.  Many others are in-country marketing, import-export, and regulatory experts.  They also have an extensive network of trusted distributors who may be potential partners or will be invaluable in identifying other good local options.  Our particular strengths are in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Europe, India, and Southeast Asia, although we have successfully helped clients in more than 65 countries. 

Doris and Vivek have worked to develop comprehensive global expansion solutions to help their clients wherever they might need assistance; they recognize not all clients need all of these services.  They work quickly to assess a new client’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals, and pull from their suite of services those that will have the highest value to each specific client. 


EHM’s Global Business Solutions services include the following:  

·       Conduct more effective, targeted local market research to increase the likelihood of success more quickly

·       Create and implement effective “go-to-market” strategies for new global markets

·       Improve distributor contracts and the distributor negotiation process so that expectations are clearer

·       Create better distributor metrics to ensure distributors are performing optimally

·       Identify and “vet” good local distributors so that less time is wasted on the wrong distributors

·       Improve distributor management processes to deliver better results

·       Identify underperforming distributors and help transition to better options while minimizing local market disruption

·       Assess local pricing and product acceptance

·       Provide local and global competitor intelligence

·       Recommend risk mitigation strategies to help companies get paid faster and stay out of trouble


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