About EHM

Essential Healthcare Management (EHM), a healthcare business development firm, combines corporate account strategy and implementation with marketing and sales support for companies to create demand for their products and services and generate significant sales. EHM guides clients through the healthcare procurement process and connects them with key decision-makers. No other firm can match EHM’s comprehensive scope of services or its performance in the industry.

Our History

Frank Ripullo founded EHM in 2007 to address the needs of suppliers in the medical industry. Many companies have great solutions that can improve patient outcomes and/or reduce the cost of healthcare.

However, the complex nature of the healthcare industry often makes it difficult for these companies to present their offerings to the decision makers who purchase products for the hospitals and medical networks. EHM simplifies and expedites the process by introducing clients to the C-level executives in the Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

In doing so, EHM streamlines sales processes, marketing, logistics, healthcare national accounts and healthcare corporate accounts strategy and implementation and operational infrastructure. Our experts can provide all the necessary services to help suppliers control their destiny in the medical industry and turn great ideas into sales.