Doris Nagel, Senior Vice President, Global Business Solutions

Doris Nagel is a well-established and successful international business professional with nearly 30 years of hands-on global experience, conducting business in more than 65 countries.  She was an associate at Sidley, a multi-national law firm, working on cross-border transactions.  Subsequently, she held senior global business roles at Baxter Healthcare, Allegiance Healthcare, and Cardinal Health. In 2007, Doris set up her own consulting business to help companies expand and establish themselves in international markets. 

Over the last seven years, Doris has helped several companies, both small and large, rapidly grow their international sales.  She has set up and managed legal entities in 44 countries, and has worked with distributors and sales agents (or manufacturer’s reps) in over 65 countries.  Her clients include many prominent healthcare and information technology companies, as well as a number of start-ups.  Her past and present clients include many prominent healthcare and information technology companies such as PharMEDium, DSC Logistics, CDW, Ohio Medical, and Fenwal, as well as a number of start-ups. 

She works with companies to develop and implement their optimal global expansion strategy, identifies international tax structuring opportunities, finding good local partners and negotiating clear agreements with them, clarifying requirements, ensuring compliance, and finding practical ways to mitigate the risks of going global.  She has seen most of the pitfalls made by companies trying to expand internationally, and is passionate about helping companies grow faster with fewer risks by avoiding these costly mistakes.  

She is a Certified Global Business Professional, a former adjunct professor at DePaul University, and is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on international expansion, as well as the author of a popular blog on global growth:

Doris’ Areas of Strength are:

1.   Risk Identification and Mitigation

2.   Global Business Strategy Formation and Implementation

3.   Negotiation and Implementation of Cross-border Transactions

4.   Foreign Office Structure and Set-Up