Frank J. Ripullo, M.A., Founder and President

Frank Ripullo runs the most respected medical consulting firm in the healthcare sector representing both suppliers and providers. As the Founder and President of Essential Healthcare Management, Inc., Ripullo has managed to turn small to medium suppliers into manufacturing powerhouses.  Known for keenly negotiating GPO and IDN agreements that have increased clients' market share up to 300% in short time frames, supplier contracting is just the beginning of EHM's offerings. Ripullo’s distinctive strength has been the ability to create value for both suppliers and providers in a marketplace dominated by sky rocketing costs. Ripullo’s focus and strategic direction of EHM has been to bring clarity and transparency to the convoluted healthcare market resulting in the creation of strong channels for suppliers to succeed while enabling providers to lower their overall operating costs. Along the way, Ripullo has selected a team of highly specialized consultants, representing all areas of the healthcare supply chain, providing solutions where quality of care is always the driving force. Today, besides being a worldwide leader in the healthcare supply-chain, EHM has grown to include a variety of supplier and provider services including R&D of market enhancing products and Government Contracting and Contractor Services. Ripullo knows first-hand the challenges that both suppliers and providers face. He runs his consultancy while operating a full-service medical distribution company in Michigan.

Supplier Services
Considered an expert in the field of DVT, Ripullo represents manufacturing clients in a variety of specialty areas including medical surgical supplies, orthopedics, spine, endoscopy, surgical beds, obstetrics, vascular supplies, non-patient care services, capital and wound care. Ripullo has strongly focused on driving uptake within IDN’s and GPO's creating results that make EHM unparalleled in the supply-chain market. He is an expert at presenting clinical education and studies to Nurse Practitioners, Value-Analysis Teams, GPO and IDN Committees, and, Physician Groups such as Orthopedics and Spinal Surgeons. EHM’s supplier services division continues as a leader in securing contracts with Large Integrated Delivery Networks (LIDN), Catholic Contracting Groups, major IDNs and Regional Purchasing Coalition Agreements. Taking manufacturers from the initial bidding process through overseeing business growth and development of sales teams including planning, targeting and managing regional and national sales targets, are part of the enhanced offerings of EHM. In addition, EHM specializes in growing the market share of small to medium-sized companies in both traditional and nontraditional offerings extending to Green Solutions from capital medical equipment, to signage, to disposal solutions, paving the way for efficiency and cost savings solutions. EHM specializes in building distribution networks for its supplier client base.
Driving Compliance
Ripullo's ability to understand providers' needs in lowering operating costs as well as his experience in building supplier market share has positioned EHM as a healthcare consultancy focused on delivering solutions. Ripullo specializes in maintaining and driving business through enhanced relationships with providers and their GPOs to drive compliance. EHM’s GrowthMax® division was designed to address compliance issues within the hospital supply chain. EHM continues to influence new technology use and leads in equipment procurement as cost-saving innovating products continue to be presented by EHM to major IDNs and GPOs. 

Purchase Services
With years of successfully working with suppliers, EHM has been recognized as a leader in helping providers to dramatically reduce overall operating costs through a variety of specialized purchasing programs. EHM has launched consulting services that drive purchase service portfolios for GPOs leading to better compliance and value for suppliers.

Distribution Services
In its hospital code and construction sector, EHM is an exclusive distributer of a cache of highly cost-effective hospital products from bed bug technology, to breakthrough proprietary trash compacting systems, build out and code materials such as exit signs and lighting

Recognized as an expert in the healthcare sector, Ripullo was invited to serve as a board member of Federation of American Hospitals (FAH), a health policy advocacy organization representing hospital systems throughout the United States. Ripullo is Vice-Chairman of the Purchase Services Committee and a Marketing Committee Member of FAH.