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EHM Announces Thomas Hickey as Senior Consultant

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Wed, Sep 21, 2016 @10:41 AM

Essential Healthcare Management (EHM) Appoints Thomas Hickey as Senior Consultant

Orange County, CA – EHM has named Thomas Hickey to the position of senior consultant. Hickey’s national accounts client roster will include Avancen, the manufacturer of the MOD® Oral PCA Device and MODTrac™Database, a medication on-demand system for hospitals and healthcare professionals. Along with physician preference tools, Hickey will focus on manufacturing clients in the OR, biologics, and, medical surgical sectors.

“Thomas’ knowledge of the national accounts landscape and phenomenal track record in sales, management and distribution, make him a strong asset,” said Frank Ripullo, MA, Founder and Managing Partner of EHM. “Having worked at one of the largest GPOs, Thomas’ addition provides our client’s with prime national accounts knowledge gained from his GPO-side experience.”

Hickey, a thirty year medical sales veteran, comes with vast industry experience including running a large scale distribution company, executive management roles, and a leadership position at a national group purchasing organization, Amerinet, now Intalere. He has held a variety of executive roles with leading companies including, MicroAire Surgical Instruments, Sybermed, Inc and Draeger. He has served on the board of American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN), giving him insight into the challenges facing clinical medicine.

“I am excited to bring my expertise in sales and distribution processes and go-to-market strategies for new products and the development of “blue ocean strategies” for existing products to both current and new clients contracting with the sophisticated team at EHM,” remarked Hickey.

Hickey holds a Master’s Degree in Health Economics from Eastern Michigan University and a B.S in Business Management from Oakland University.


EHM is the leader in partnering with medical industry suppliers to promote growth by aligning corporate accounts strategies to advance business activity, securing an increase in domestic and global sales for its clients. EHM’s lean and fast approach serves a variety of suppliers enjoying market access and contract uptake through GPOs, IDNs, RPCs. To facilitate rapid growth, EHM retains an unparalleled network of senior executives. Services include national accounts management, growth planning, contract negotiations, sales, and, marketplace assessment. For more information, call 949-842-2520.



Essential Healthcare Management, Inc.

Jessica Hartman

Director of Business Development

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EHM leads QPS Medical

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Tue, Dec 08, 2015 @02:29 PM



DECEMBER 8th, 2015 – (EHM) a healthcare business consulting firm, was selected by QPS Medicals to help secure contracts with integrated delivery networks and group purchasing organizations across the United States.

EHM is a healthcare business development firm, creating demand for the products and services of leading medical suppliers.  Since 2007, the group has served the needs of clients, combining corporate accounts strategy and operational infrastructure.  EHM guides clients through the procurement process and helps companies present their offerings to key decision makers and target audiences.

As a National distributor of disposable medical supplies to Healthcare Systems, Blood Centers and Dental Practices, QPS Medicals takes pride in understanding customers' needs and ensuring that the right product gets to the purchaser at the right time at an affordable price. QPS creates custom product offerings for each customer to meet the specific demands for inventory and product that fits the need of the individual purchaser. The company is a recognized national MBE.

The company goal to provide its customers a quality return on their purchasing investment has helped shape QPS Medicals into a growth-focused organization with a solid foundation in core values.

Values precede any and all growth and that’s what makes QPS Medicals successful.


EHM September 2015 Newsletter

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Wed, Sep 23, 2015 @08:13 AM

Essential Healthcare Management Newsletter
September 2015
EHM Launches eTracer®, the First Sales Data Management Solution to Automate Administration Fee Tracings

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2015 -- Essential Healthcare Management, Inc., today announced its partnership in a proprietary agreement with, eTracer®, a professional sales data management service to launch software solutions designed to expedite and simplify the tracking of administration fees. eTracer’s® offerings also include: sales data collection, cleaning, processing and reporting; rebate and chargeback processing; sales and commission reporting; and, on-demand web reporting. All software programs are custom-configured to provide real time on-demand web reporting making eTracer®, the perfect solution for creating scalable data for suppliers in the medical device industry.

“EHM is delighted to partner with eTracer®, to offer critical cost-saving sales data management tools to its clients so that they can continue to focus on providing quality products where cutting corners in an ever-changing market has become the trend,” said Frank Ripullo, managing partner of EHM, Inc. “Among one of the many cost-effective ways for suppliers to quickly benefit from eTracer®, is through the GPO fee reporting service which greatly simplifies administration fee tracings resulting in instant savings.”

eTracer®, easily automates data collection and processing leading to customized reports. Every organization wants current and accurate sales reporting. With eTracer®, tracking sales performance through zip codes, is quick and simple. All programs feature on-demand web reporting with continuous access and advanced security settings. The efficient collection of tracings files and reports can instantly validate transactions. Additionally, using a proprietary 13-step system, rebate and chargeback processing is simplified to track claims data for future audits.

"We recently switched from a different service to eTracer and have been extremely pleased. Not only do the reports come earlier in the month than what we were used to, any issues requiring support are handled quickly and efficiently. It is my opinion that this is the strongest and most economically sound solution available in the marketplace as third-party report generation is concerned."

-Brett Hazuka, Vice President, UreSil, LLC

Please click below to find out more information.

Of Course I Want to Know More!

To Schedule a Demo Please Contact: Jessica Hartman, EHM Director of Business Development

Ph: (704) 574 - 2131

EHM Gains More Experience and Expertise with New Team Members

Eugene Pyatenko - Senior Advisor

Mr. Pyatenko has over thirty years experience in the fields of insolvency and bankruptcy, debtor and creditor rights, commercial transactions, financial structures, litigation, construction and real estate law, international business transactions, and mergers and acquisitions. He has provided corporate strategy and structure advisory services to clients in a wide range of industries including: health, manufacturing, service, transportation, distribution, contracting, automotive and construction, both domestically and internationally. As an attorney, he has worked closely with corporate executive teams, debtors, lenders, and creditor committees in out-of-court as well as formal proceedings and has provided consulting and litigation support services in turnaround, mergers and acquisitions, as well as political endeavors. Mr. Pyatenko is a recognized professional in his field and enjoys many awards and honors from the local business community. Over the years, he has been chosen to lecture on topics ranging from industry specific business strategies to international trade relations and the expansion and development of business connections into foreign trade zones.

Thomas Hickey - Senior Advisor

A Thirty (30+) plus year veteran in the medical sales space and serial entrepreneur. Mr. Hickey was the founder and CEO of a successful, multi-million dollar medical distribution company and developed a technology transfer initiative from Stockholm Sweden. He has held leadership roles in a national GPO, an Orthopedic Power Company and several start-up enterprises. Additionally, Mr. Hickey has served on the Board of American Association of Critical Care Nurses, a 60,000 plus member, not for profit organization, providing him insight into the challenges facing clinical medicine. Mr. Hickey has a varied background of achievement and results. He holds a Master’s Degree in Health Economics and a Bachelors in Business Management. He is an expert in sales and distribution processes and “go to market” strategies for new products and the development of blue water strategies for existing products.

Jon Artz - Advisory Committee Member

Hailing from New York City, Jon Artz has spent the last two decades in Healthcare Sales & Consulting. With his extensive and dynamic background, Mr. Artz has served in various markets within the industry, including: Managed Care, Home Health, Pharma, Product Sales, Service, Finance and Manufacturing. Mr. Artz has developed and grown businesses from Start Up’s to the most well established Healthcare companies. As a Volunteer Advisor to EHM, Mr.Artz offers insight to Business Development strategies to ensure growth in the Healthcare Marketplace. Mr.Artz sits on other advisory committee’s and has acted as 3rd Party Moderator at Business Roundtables and Focus Groups.

About Essential Healthcare Managemnt, Inc.

EHM is the leader in partnering with medical industry suppliers to promote sales by aligning corporate accounts strategies to improve enterprise agility and domestic and global sales. EHM’s lean and fast approach serves a variety of suppliers enjoying market penetration and contract uptake through GPOs, IDNs, RPCs. To facilitate rapid growth, EHM retains an unparalleled network of senior executives. Services include national accounts management, growth planning, contract negotiations, sales, and, marketplace assessment.

If you would like to learn more about EHM, please contact us:

Yes! Let's have a conversation.


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The Consultant's Dirty Little Secret

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Thu, Mar 19, 2015 @11:05 AM

I hate the word consultant. I bet you do too. As a kid, nobody thinks “I’m going to grow up to be a consultant”. Most people think a consultant is “a guy that lost his job”. The sad fact is that in a lot of cases, this is true. Consulting as a profession is a legitimate path for many former executives. And many are brilliant in their subject matter and do quite well bringing value to clients.

The word consultant has a bad connotation because the former far outnumber the latter. This is why – and I’m not kidding here – almost every client I’ve ever engaged told me the story of at least five guys before me that were terrible failures. I’m not saying people set out to be bad consultants – I’m saying that being a subject matter expert and delivering value as a consultant are two different things.

To be successful, you must bring both skill sets to the table.

To be honest, it took me a good number of years to understand this idea of how to provide value in an advisory capacity to companies. This is the missing link between client satisfaction and consulting’s bad reputation.
Here’s my top five ways to deliver tangible value for consultants:

  1. Have some structure
    Be able to define how you help solve problems – I find being able to whiteboard how I work really helps clients see how they will arrive at a solution.
  2. Paper it up
    Make sure you use a letter of agreement and get signatures. Use Scope of Work documents to keep everyone on the same page.
  3. Communicate regularly
    Collaborate with clients as much as possible. Let them in on your process.
  4. Don’t over-promise
    I find that clients prefer honesty over hype.
  5. Focus on solving the problem
    Work fast collecting information and doing analysis. But put the focus on implementation

Pete Monfre

EHM February 2015 Newsletter

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Mon, Mar 02, 2015 @10:45 AM

Newsletter February 2015
The New EHM

2014 was EHM’s most successful year yet. As the Affordable Care Act rolled out nationally, we were consistently called upon to help suppliers and providers to make sense of new requirements, processes and regulations.

The good news is that our supplier clients had average growth that was more than twice the national average, while also utilizing our proprietary tools to reduce their own operational costs.

We are happy to say that as an organization we helped almost 30 suppliers to gain new national and regional/local agreements. Our organization also excelled at implementation within these contracted groups. Our suppliers really become the best partners to Health Systems and GPO’s – offering real, impactful savings and improvements.

As an organization we have begun the process of restructuring. In the next few months we will progressively roll out a NEW EHM. This new company will have a new look, a more interactive website with a portal for clients, and an integrated network of solutions for facilities and systems.

The New Essential Healthcare Management, as originally envisioned – is coming to life!

With five divisions, we will be the “go to” experts for providers, suppliers, and payors. We have taken everything that has been learned in the last eight years of trial and error, success (mostly) and failure – and applied it to a new platform.

We will still have our existing supplier consulting firm, which will be helmed by someone the industry knows and respects (to be announced later!). Additionally, we have created a Purchased Services Consulting Division that is designed to bring the best tools and processes to health systems, without the BIG price tag of BIG consulting firms. We can analyze spend very quickly – only a few days - with the ONLY automated system for cleaning, categorizing, and benchmarking spend data in services. (Seriously there are nearly 700k different vendor variations categorized thus far!).   Then our team of 25 experienced negotiators can go after best local/regional/national agreements and consolidation on behalf of the hospital/health system. No payment required until savings in realized! No attachment to a particular portfolio – just the BEST pricing and options for your system – and it is all done in an unobtrusive and inexpensive way. Secondary to that process we have a team of experienced consultants in areas such as waste management, energy usage, leveraged branding, non-traditional revenue generation and more.

Our other divisions will encompass various software and service solutions ranging from ZOS Location Identification Services, SQBX Tracking and Splunk Data Management - to Essential Healthcare Sourcing, and our own Private Equity Fund to create even more opportunities to give the industry’s smaller suppliers a boost when they need it.

In April we will officially launch eTracer, our proprietary software that allows suppliers of all sizes to easily, inexpensively and efficiently do their own GPO fee reports, chargeback and rebate reports and commission reports in record time!

We are very excited to announce the New Essential Healthcare Management. This expansion is the culmination of years of listening to, and acting on customer feedback. We are constantly striving to create/expand solutions that help remove cost from the healthcare equation while continuing to improve efficiency and outcomes. 2015 will be the best year yet!

I would also like to take a moment to say “thank you” to Nancy Kailas and Mike Pola for their years of service and effort helping us to become the industry leader in Healthcare Opportunity Alignment and Execution – bringing suppliers’ solutions to the right people at the right time.

Nancy and Mike did such a great job for one of our clients, that he hired them! And they are also creating a new company of their own focused on helping suppliers to better market their products and services to healthcare facilities. We look forward to watching our friends’ new venture grow, and to the good work we will do with them.

Next week it will be great seeing old friends and making new ones, at the Federation of American Hospitals Annual Conference. Representing EHM will be Frank Ripullo, Tom Nolan, Mike Bomstad, Katherine Finley, Jeff Hayes, Gary Gustafson, Frank McGrath and Ed Neas. If you have questions about what we do and how we may be able to help you reach your goals in 2015, stop one of us during the conference, or please reach out to Jessica Hartman Devore at or 704-574-2131. Onward and Upward!


LeanFast EHMPower Process

EHM’s Supplier Consulting Division is the industry leader in outsourced sales and national accounts. EHM really “Partners" with suppliers and providers alike to create sustainable solutions that save money, increase patient and caregiver satisfaction levels and drive system wide improvements in efficiency, utilization and non-traditional revenue.  At the same time EHM helps to drive sales for our clients in dramatic ways using our LeanFast EHMPower Process.  

This approach aligns corporate accounts strategy, sales structure and development, logistics, marketing, public relations and administrative services to quickly improve enterprise agility and domestic and global sales growth for medical industry suppliers.

The process includes:

  • Outsourced National Accounts Management
  • National Accounts Education and Training
  • Outsourced Medical Sales and Sales Management
  • Product Development and New Product Launches
  • Validation of Medical Industry Products and Services
  • Global Sales Expansion
  • Software, data, and tools designed to reduce operational costs   

Look for Managing Partner Stan Schroder and Founder and Managing Partner Frank Ripullo at FAH. They would be happy to share experiences and conversation with you. Or please click on the link below to schedule a call.

Yes! Let's have a conversation.



Ed Neas Joins the EHM Team

Ed Neas is a Senior Executive with over 30 year experience in the medical industry. Ed has held Medical Sales Management, Marketing, National Accounts and Business Development positions in companies that specialized in laboratory, cardio-pulmonary, emergency medical, patient safety, and surgical areas of healthcare. He has held positions with Abbott Laboratories, Difco Laboratories, DHD Medical, Tri-anim Healthcare, Pulmodyne and Posey. Ed also spent 10 years in the United States Army serving as a Field Artillery Officer


EHM Case Study

EHM became engaged with a start up medical device company in late 2014. The company needed our assistance with GPO, IDN and RPC Penetration. After working together for just three month, EHM was able to achieve the following for our client:

-Signed a Premier Sole Source Contract

-Reached Final Negotiations with MedAssets and Novation

-Began an RFP for Amerinet

-Met and began dialogue with over a dozen IDNs

......and we're just getting started.


EHM Sponsorship at FAH

The 2015 Federation of American Hospitals (FAH) Public Policy Conference and Business EfahLogoxposition will be held in Washington, DC at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel on March 1st through March 3rd. EHM is excited to be a sponsor at this highly regarded and well attended. Please look for us. We would love to speak with you!

Attending from EHM:

Frank J. Ripullo, MA, Founder and Managing Partner

Stan Schroeder, Managing Partner

Jeff Hayes, Executive Vice President

Tom Nolan, Senior Vice President

Michael Bomstad, Executive Vice President

Ed Neas, Senior Vice President

Katherine Finley, Executive Vice President

Gary Gustafson, Senior Advisor

EHM selected by Crospon for strategic growth initiative in US Healthcare Market

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Fri, Feb 20, 2015 @11:43 AM


FEBRUARY 20th, 2014 – (EHM) a healthcare business consulting firm, has been selected by Crospon,  to help secure contracts with group purchasing organizations, integrated delivery networks, and regional purchasing coalitions across the United States.

EHM is a healthcare business development firm, creating demand for the products and services of leading medical suppliers.   The group combines corporate accounts strategy and operational infrastructure to meet the needs of their clients.  The EHM Team brings over 100 years of healthcare experience to the table and is fully dedicated to changing healthcare for the better.

Crospon, established in 2006, is developing leading edge minimally invasive medical devices for imaging and aiding surgery in the esophagus and stomach. The EndoFLIP® Imaging System is the first in a range of products the company is bringing to market. EndoFLIP® has applications in gastrodiagnostics, bariatric surgery and in other hollow organs where the measurement of dimensions and function is important. Behind Crospon, lies an experienced team who have years of experience in the medical device industry.

HealthTrust Awards Uresil with Peripheral Interventional Drain Catheter Agreement

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @11:13 AM

HealthTrust Awards UreSil with Peripheral Interventional Drain Catheter Agreement


Effective December 1, 2014, HealthTrust will award an agreement for Peripheral Interventional Drain Catheters to UreSil. When asked for comment, Brett Hazuka, vice president of Domestic Sales for UreSil replied, “It is an honor to work with HealthTrust and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship between UreSil and HealthTrust’s member network. We have always admired the way that HealthTrust does business and it is great to have an opportunity to provide our products through the HealthTrust relationship.”

About UreSil

UreSil develops, manufactures, and distributes interventional radiology and vascular products that serve the needs of physicians who perform minimally invasive procedures.

About HealthTrust

HealthTrust (legally known as HealthTrust Purchasing Group, L.P.) is committed to strengthening provider performance and clinical excellence through an aligned membership model and the delivery of total cost management solutions, including supply chain solutions and a contract and service portfolio unparalleled in quality, scope and value. HealthTrust ( serves nearly 1,400 acute care facilities, 800 ambulatory surgery centers and members in more than 10,600 other locations, including physician practices, long-term care and alternate care sites. Headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, HealthTrust is closely integrated with the proven capabilities of Parallon Business Solutions, LLC (, a leading provider of healthcare business and operational services, including revenue cycle management, workforce and technology solutions. On Twitter @healthtrustpg and @parallonconnect.

Please contact Marlena Jakusz ( for media or other inquiries

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Valify Introduces Healthcare's First Automated Purchased Services Solution

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Thu, Nov 13, 2014 @04:25 PM

describe the image


Release Summary:

Valify's new Purchased Services Intelligence solution quickly identifies savings opportunities for hospitals.

Frisco, Texas – November 13, 2014 – Valify, a software-as-a-service company that provides innovative solutions to healthcare providers, today announced its Purchased Services Intelligence solution.  This solution allows hospital executives to quickly access and identify savings opportunities within their purchased services spend.

Valify’s new offering simplifies the analysis of purchased services spending by using the industry’s only automated solution to quickly and accurately categorize vendors and identify savings opportunities.  Within days after uploading the data, Valify customers receive access to an intuitive online tool that strategically organizes spend data, enabling users to easily analyze opportunities, prioritize savings efforts and better prepare for vendor negotiations.

“Valify’s disruptive technology is turning the tables in favor of the hospitals in an area that has been overlooked for too many years,” stated Chris Heckler, Valify president and chief executive officer. “Empowering healthcare purchasing and financial executives to make cost-saving, informed decisions in less time than they have before has the potential to transform healthcare's current sourcing and contracting practices.”

About Valify

Founded in early 2014, Valify ( is leading the way in bringing innovative technology to the healthcare industry.  Valify is driving costs out of the healthcare industry by transforming the purchase of services within healthcare providers.  With over 500,000 categorized vendors across 1,000 categories, Valify's unique solution quickly identifies savings in areas that have typically gone overlooked. 


Chris Heckler

President and Chief Executive Officer

Valify, LLC



EHM October 2014 Newsletter

Posted by Jessica Hartman on Wed, Oct 22, 2014 @10:48 AM

EHM Newsletter October 2014
EHM Launches New Global Business Solutions

Healthcare ProfessionalsEssential Healthcare Management (EHM) is a healthcare business development firm with a focus on national account strategy, implementation and new business sales. EHM connects suppliers with key decision makers to accelerate the time it takes to secure a contract and drive incremental sales and market share.  In addition, EHM has launched EHM Global Solutions that helps companies overcome challenges and accelerate their sales growth globally.

EHM Global Business Solutions: Accelerate Your Global Expansion Initiatives and Drive Profitable Sales Growth

Did you know that exporting companies expand faster and are financially stronger than their counterparts? Studies consistently demonstrate the many financial benefits of selling outside your home market. Companies that sell overseas are more productive, have less volatile earnings, and are, on average, three times as profitable as those that only sell domestically.

EHM has created a new Global Business Solutions offering to help healthcare companies profitably accelerate their global sales. Whether your company or client is thinking about exporting for the first time, or has started to export but wants to grow faster with fewer challenges, EHM can help.


Doris Nagel and Vivek Bhargava, both highly accomplished and experienced experts in international expansion have joined EHM. Together, they bring nearly 60 years’ experience in more than 65 countries, successfully helping companies expand their international sales by double digits. They also leverage a wide network of strategic partners to provide cost effective solutions for companies expanding outside their home markets.  As a client you are able to pick various options of services and markets to help your business goals.

Doris, who focuses on market entry strategies, risk identification and mitigation, cross-border negotiations and agreements, and regulatory and compliance, observes “Many companies just don’t know what they don’t know.” Many smaller companies are very proud of the business they’ve built, and have a “we can figure it out ourselves” mentality.

“If you ask companies that have started exporting if they are successful or could use help, they’ll normally tell you they are successful and really don’t need any assistance. But if you begin digging a little deeper, asking them if they face challenges, then you start to see areas where they would benefit from a helping hand.”  

While it’s true that you can eventually figure it out, it’s likely you’ll spend more money, make more costly mistakes, and spend a lot more time and resources than if you selectively hire a guide who can teach you the formula. Doris estimates that a couple hours of her or Vivek’s time could easily save companies 2-3 months. Both Vivek and Doris have seen most of the pitfalls companies make when expanding internationally, and they are passionate about helping companies grow faster with fewer risks by avoiding these costly mistakes.

Vivek focuses more on developing and implementing global expansion strategies, establishing and reorganizing sales channels (direct and distributor), moving businesses from distributors to direct sales models, overcoming operational, trade, and regulatory barriers in major markets.

According to Vivek “the most challenging task for a company is to balance an appropriate strategy and drive sales growth. A lot of time companies focus on getting orders without understanding the key strategic components of product registration, finding the right partner, and having the right portfolio for the market.” This is where the EHM global team can help companies find the right balance and drive profitable sales growth.

Profiles of EHM’s Global Solutions Consultants

Doris Nagel: Doris began her career at Sidley, a multi-national law firm, working on cross-border transactions.  Subsequently, she held senior global business roles at Baxter Healthcare, Allegiance Healthcare, and Cardinal Health. Doris helps bring big-company global expansion know-how to small and mid-sized companies. 

She is a Certified Global Business Professional, a former adjunct professor at DePaul University, and is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on international expansion, as well as the author of a popular blog on global growth:

Vivek Bhargava: Vivek, originally from India, has worked for Baxter Healthcare, Allegiance Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Briggs Medical, and Devicor. He has successfully advised PE firms, large corporations, and small companies in U.S., Italy, U.K, U.A.E, India, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

He has guest-lectured at universities on the topic of global expansion, and has been quoted in the Wall Street Jounral in 2011. In 2008, he was selected by the U.S. Commerce Department to join Illinois’ District Export Council, where he was active in supporting local companies seeking to grow their exports for eight years. He is also an entrepreneur, founding MedEvolution, a medical products supplier, as well as Global Business Circle, a global network of professionals in the healthcare industry.

Case Study: Global Growth Strategy

The Challenge

We were engaged by a family-owned business specializing in women’s health consumables, monitoring devices, and respiratory products who was planning to expand

Internationally. The company wanted assistance assessing the global opportunity for their products, as well as help in developing a plan to take advantage of the opportunities.


  • We identified good growth potential for Women’s health products.
  • We determined that the monitoring devices would be more challenging to sell globally, given pricing and the existing competition.
  • We identified some areas of opportunity for respiratory products.

Initiatives Implemented

  • We established a global distributor network and helped the company begin selling the women’s health line of products.
  • We helped the company create global branding for the monitoring devices and improve their cost position, enabling them to plan future global launches of these products.
  • We identified distributors and launched the respiratory product line in a few countries.

Results for the Client

  • Global sales for the women’s health products grew by 20% over the 12 months after launch.
  • International sales of respiratory products grew by 65% in year 1.
  • A 10-country pricing analysis for the monitoring products was completed for 10 targeted countries, providing the client with a way to prioritize its global market launches and to focus its marketing strategies in these countries.

Case Study: Addressing and Mitigating Global Compliance Risks

The Challenge

A mid-sized biotech company was notified that by U.S. Customs of an upcoming audit of their corporate import/export compliance program.   The company had some import and export procedures in place and some resources, but the vice president responsible for compliance was concerned that there were pieces in place, but that they were not tied together clearly.   The company wanted an import and export assessment to identify the gaps and a blueprint to get the company in a position to avoid problems with the Customs audit. 

The Solution

We immediately arranged to have the Customs audit pushed back, and mobilized the company to focus on import/export compliance.  We conducted a 2-day assessment on a fixed-fee basis, and then produced a report containing recommendations and steps for the company to take to implement them.  As time was short and the company already short-handed, we were also asked to help implement a number of the recommendations. 

We provided the client with a blueprint for a defensible import/export compliance program, helped the company create many of the elements, and created a practical framework for the company to maintain trade compliance.  The company smoothly passed its Customs audit. 

We achieved these results for the client by:

  • Inventorying the company’s existing procedures and resources related to trade compliance
  • Creating an import and an export manual for the company, weaving in processes that were already in place and meshing them with new policies
  • Conducting training on a number of import and export compliance issues
  • Working with the company “deputize” several individuals to   

The Results

The client now has a comprehensive and defensible, yet practical trade compliance program, as well as the tools to maintain this program. 

  • The management team had increased awareness of the complexity of the trade compliance and the challenges faced by the logistics and supply chain teams, and became more supportive of their initiatives.
  • Functions across the company now understood their roles in helping the company stay in compliance with trade regulations, and several of them became owners of processes and trade compliance champions.
  • As part of the process, inefficiencies were identified in several steps of the supply chain and were addressed
  • The company’s U.S. Customs audit went smoothly, avoiding costly fines and other potential problems in getting their products and raw materials imported and exported

The client was able to cost-effectively implement a comprehensive yet practical trade compliance program, with the tools to maintain it.  They were able to avoid potential problems with the upcoming audit, and the program continues to pay dividends to the company.  They also now have a more efficient supply chain, fewer problems importing raw materials and in shipping products to foreign customers, and better communication between the product development team and the supply chain/trade compliance team. 

What do Data-Savvy Administrators Know about Purchased Services that You Don't

Chris Heckler, President & CEO, Valify

Jim: Nancy, these food service numbers just don’t add up. Your costs are continuing to go up, and food satisfaction scores haven’t moved. I have a proposal on my desk that guarantees significant savings, and I think we need to move forward with it.

Nancy: Jim, we’ve made improvements in a lot of areas, and I don’t see how one of the outsourced vendors is going to improve anything. Remember that we outsourced five years ago and those savings never did pan out. How do we even know that this proposal is the best we can do?

Jim: All I know is that it’s lower than where we currently are, and we can’t wait any longer. Let’s go ahead and move forward.

To Outsource, or Not to Outsource

Oh the age old question when it comes to most of the large Purchased Services categories.  It seems to be a very cyclical process. Is this how you run your personal life? “Well, we spent too much at the grocery store over the past 5 years, so let’s try eating out every meal to see if that helps.” No, you would put a realistic budget in place, set a goal to get within the budget over a certain amount of time and then reevaluate how you performed after that time. 

What is the best way to decide between outsourcing a service and bringing it in-house? You can develop performance indicators, but how do you know whether they’re good or bad?

Moving from Metrics to Benchmarks

As an example, say that you currently run your own food service department.  You know your costs on meal service per inpatient day and your food waste percentages. You can manage the trends over time, but how do you judge whether current performance is within an acceptable range?

You need benchmarks for your organization to see how you relate to your peers. If you’re already one of the best performing in your peer group, then your time is better spent elsewhere. If you are under-performing your peers, then you can easily set goals based on the best performance. In the end if you do make the decision to outsource, you should have benchmark data on each vendor so that you ensure that the proposals in front of you are competitive.

Managing with Benchmarks

Imagine that you get reliable information that says that based on peers with similar patient census you could save 15% if you were running efficiently.  The best practice would be to go to your Food Service Director, show her the facts and explain that the hospital desperately needs to save this 15%.  You give her a 6 month deadline to try and realize these metrics.  You also tell her that if she does not meet this goal, then you will need to look at outsourced vendors that can guarantee these performance metrics.

This gives your Food Service Director a fighting chance to right-size the ship before you take drastic measures.  Can you imagine the loyalty that the Food Service Director would have, not only to you as her leader but also to the hospital, if she was able to achieve this goal?  Most of the time leaders like this get blind-sided when their organization decides to outsource their department.  Why not give your directors the chance to realize the necessary savings on their own first?  To do this, you have to arm your department leaders (EVS, Biomed, Food Service, etc.) with the data they need to succeed.

Getting Started

The first step is to gain visibility into all of your Purchased Services data through a tool like Valify, so you can clearly see where the opportunities for savings are located. Don't blindly select categories for your contracting team to work on. Arm them with intelligence so they realize the biggest bang for the buck.

If you want to see exactly where the waste is in your Purchased Services spend, schedule a demo with Valify today.

Chris Heckler

President & CEO, Valifychris.v1-1valify.v2-1


EHM News

We would like to introduce you to the newest EHM Team Members:

Avamed 2014 Conference

Nancy Kailas, Executive Vice President for EHM, participated on a panel at Avamed’s 2014 conference, International Seminar on October 9th. 150 MedTech companies outside the US seeking to launch products in the US Healthcare market attended the seminar. The panels provided context and guidance for international companies on navigating regulatory pathways, planning for reimbursement, understanding operational compliance and developing strategic partnerships with industry and government in the US.


EHM New Clients

We believe trusted partners and productive partnerships are not just a priority – they are a privilege. When it comes to new relationships, EHM energetically commits to proving our worth. We honor your trust and value your commitment. We look forward to creating successful and fulfilling experiences with the following companies:

  • Kit Check
    • KitCheck is the leading provider of automated pharmacy kit processing software for hospitals. Launched in 2012, Kit Check solves the inefficient and error-prone manual process for replenishing hospital pharmacy kits. Pharmacy kits are staged throughout hospitals for rapid physician and nurse access to critical care medications. Kit Check™ customers have reduced replenishment processing times by over 90% while simultaneously improving pharmacy kit accuracy and safety. kit-check_40
    • Please contact Tom Nolan, for more information
  • Pinnacle Business Solutions
    • Pinnacle Business Solutions is a full service transportation, warehousing and logistics company with years of experience.
    • www.pbs-company.comPinnacle-Business-Solutions-1
    • Please contact Stan Schroeder, for more information
  • Incisive Surgical
    • The INSORB Absorbable Stapler is a patented skin closure
      technology that places a proprietary absorbable staple entirelyinsorb_logo-1
      underneath the skin.
    • Please contact Stan Schroeder, for more information
  • iTacit
    • iTacit is a next-generation technology company that builds cost-effective products to connect and engage your team, making your organization smarter. The comprehensive multilingual workforce optimization cloud platform includes Recruitment & Onboarding, Trainitacitlogoing & Education, Policy & Compliance, Collaboration & Communication, Performance Management and Surveys. Furthermore, iTacit develops Big Data technology that delivers unprecedented visibility into an organization.
    • Please contact Michael Bomstad, for more information
  • Total Scope, Inc.



For More Information about EHM

Contact Jessica Hartman,

Essential Healthcare Management
23972 Hillhurst Dr. Laguna Niguel CA United States



Posted by Jessica Hartman on Wed, Sep 24, 2014 @07:50 AM


SEPTEMBER 24TH, 2014 – (EHM) a healthcare business consulting firm, was chosen by Pinnacle Business Solutions to help secure contracts with group purchasing organizations, integrated delivery networks, and regional purchasing coalitions across the United States.

EHM is a healthcare business development firm, creating demand for the products and services of leading medical suppliers.   The group combines corporate accounts strategy and operational infrastructure to meet the needs of their clients.  The EHM Team brings over 100 years of healthcare experience to the table and is fully dedicated to changing healthcare for the better.

Pinnacle Business Solutions is the next evolution in the logistics industry by starting at the core of their business, the customer.  Aiming to meet customized services without sacrificing true customer service.  Offering line haul, routed, and other services to deliver at your speed, and becoming the new standard in logistics.