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EHM September 2012 Newsletter

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Mon, Sep 10, 2012 @07:52 PM

Essential Healthcare Management Newsletter September 2012
The EHM Team: Jeff Hayes

Jeff Hayes

Essential Healthcare Management (EHM) is pleased to have industry healthcare veteran Jeff Hayes as a member of the EHM team. Hayes serves as Executive Vice President.

“We are extremely excited to have Jeff associated with our company.  His reputation, knowledge and success in helping companies grow and improve their national accounts presence and revenue will significantly help our clients to achieve their sales goals and expand market share dramatically,” EHM Managing Partner Stan Schroeder commented.

Hayes brings to EHM a combination of sales, sales management, national accounts and clinical experience to his portfolio of skill sets. His clinical training was accomplished at the University of Kansas Medical Center where he completed a course of study in Mobile Intensive Care Technology.  While working as a Mobile Intensive Care Technician he subsequently earned his BS and MBA from Avila University in Kansas City.

Utilizing both clinical and educational skills, he began working in hospital administration for Humana, Inc. This opportunity provided him with a solid grasp of the issues and concerns that surround the healthcare industry.  He later entered the medical sales arena and began his career in sales at Tri-anim Health Services Inc., the nation’s leading supplier of specialty products for respiratory, anesthesia, EMS, and critical care. Within the Tri-anim organization, he held several management positions, which include Regional Sales Manager, Director of Sales, and Director of National Accounts.  Within that position he created and developed their national accounts initiative.

After leaving Tri-anim, Hayes served as Vice President of National Accounts with Innovative Healthcare Corporation (IHC) – an industry leader in the medical and surgical glove market for both the acute care and alternate site arenas. During his tenure with that organization, IHC was awarded the first ever S2S Agreement by Premier, Inc.

Most recently Hayes held the position of Senior Vice President of National Accounts with StatLab Medical Corporation, a leading supplier of laboratory histology consumables in the acute and non-acute care marketplace. He provided leadership in the design and implementation of their National Accounts program, and continues to represent StatLab in his new role with EHM.

As Executive Vice President at EHM, Hayes is responsible for establishing and cultivating national accounts growth for EHM clients. His focus consists of select niche and specialty product suppliers seeking to become contracted with key GPO’s and IDN’s nationally.


By: Rob Bahna, Vice President of Sales, Resuscitation International

The end of summer is upon us, and that means high school football season is starting all over the US. Friday nights for the next several months will create memories and experiences on the gridiron that will never be forgotten. 

I was fortunate to play baseball, hockey and football in high school. I was also fortunate to walk away from my playing days with only minor injuries. I never had a concussion until later in college when a cable snapped on a lat pull-down machine in a gym. 

With all of the stories surrounding concussions, including the long-term damages and suicides of some NFL players, I thought it would be interesting to look at concussions statistics in high school. 

I found an interesting website, momsTEAM, The Trusted Source for Sports Parents that listed the following information: 

Concussion rates have doubled in the last decade - and account for 1 of every 10 sports injuries. 

There are between an estimated 1.6 and 3.8 million sports related concussions in the US every year leading the Center for Disease Control to conclude that sports concussions in the US have reached an "epidemic level." 

As you would expect, football players are the most at risk with at least one player sustaining a mild concussion in nearly every American football game. 

Girls soccer players are the second most at risk for concussions of all other high school sports. 

There are approximately 67,000 diagnosed concussions in high school football players every year. 

According to the New York Times, at least 50 youth football players (high school or younger) from 20 different states have died or sustained serious head injuries on the field since 1997. 

Once an athlete has suffered an initial concussion, his or her chances of a second one are 3 to 6 times greater than an athlete who has never sustained a concussion. 

Athletes keep getting bigger, stronger and faster. When I graduated from high school, it was rare for even an NFL player to be 300 pounds, and now high school lineman weigh that much. Our awareness and ability to detect these injuries much better obviously impacts the increase in numbers.

I am a firm believer that sports play an integral part in shaping lives. The teamwork, dedication, discipline, competition, hard work, time management, handling of pressure, learning to win and lose, self-confidence and relationships developed are skills that can last a lifetime. 

Given the choice between two job candidates if all else were fairly equal, if one were an athlete in college, I know many hiring managers who would choose the athlete because of the experiences that person had. 

We should continue to look for ways to make athletics safer and increase our own knowledge about what can be done to prevent injuries. However, we need to be careful how far we go. 

"Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. "

- Ralph Waldo Emerson  

Client News

New Clients
Essential Healthcare Management recently joined forced with eDocument Solutions, LLC (eDocs4MDs). Please check out eDocs4MDs website to learn more.  

MedAssets Technology Forum
Genadyne Biotechnologies, SunClean, and Cayenne Medical have been selected to participate in the MedAssets Technology & Innovation ForumSuppliers must be selected by MedAssets to receive an invitation based on quality and caliber of products and services, innovativeness of the product or service in the healthcare market, customer suggestions and other selection criteria

Please check out our clients' websites for more information on their product lines.

The Optime Group
Ed Hisscock, President of The Optime Group, moderates "How Supply Chain Impacts Patient Experience" at the Fall 2012 IDN Summit.

EHM News

Essential Healthcare Management Official Fall 2012 IDN Summit Sponsor!

EHM embraces the great privilege of participating in the upcoming Fall 2012 IDN Summit in Scottsdale, AZ as a Silver Sponsor. We feel motivated, energetic, and enthusiastic about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.  Please look for us and the following 22 of our client companies in Scottsdale!

Upcoming Conference Schedule

We hope to see you soon!

You can always find us at

Essential Healthcare Management
Dallas, TX
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EHM and WestCMR Join Forces

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Thu, Aug 30, 2012 @01:42 PM



DALLAS – AUGUST 30, 2012 – (EHM) a healthcare business consulting firm, was selected by WestCMR to help secure contracts with integrated delivery networks and group purchasing organizations across the United States.

EHM is a healthcare business development firm, creating demand for the products and services of leading medical suppliers.  Since 2007, the group has served the needs of clients, combining corporate accounts strategy and operational infrastructure.  EHM guides clients through the procurement process and helps companies present their offerings to key decision makers and target audiences.

WestCMR, founded in 1997, is a surgical surplus company.  Guided by founder Randy Ware, WestCMR has grown to be the single largest buyer of surplus surgical disposable products in the U.S. market.  WestCMR is dedicated to providing equitable solutions to the Acute Care Market for Soft Assets liquidation, and continues to stimulate change with proven experience and unparalleled reputation.

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EHM and eDocs4MDs

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Thu, Aug 30, 2012 @01:34 PM


DALLAS – August 29, 2012 – (EHM) a healthcare business consulting firm, was chosen by eDocs4MDs to help secure contracts with group purchasing organizations, integrated delivery networks, and regional purchasing coalitions across the United States.

EHM is a healthcare business development firm, creating demand for the products and services of leading medical suppliers.   The group combines corporate accounts strategy and operational infrastructure to meet the needs of their clients.  The EHM Team brings over 100 years of healthcare experience to the table and is fully dedicated to changing healthcare for the better.

eDocument Solutions, LLC (eDocs4MDs) is a leader in information management services, assisting organizations across the country with storing, protecting and managing their information. Derived from the request of partnerships and practices across the country, eDocs4MDs created a Solution that is encompassing on document management without having to put the onus on the office staff.

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Melinda McDonald Joins EHM Team

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Wed, Aug 15, 2012 @12:05 PM


Essential Healthcare Management (EHM) has announced that healthcare industry veteran Melinda McDonald has joined EHM as Senior Vice President. Most recently, Melinda was Vice President, Non-Clinical Products and Services for Children’s Hospital Association, formerly Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA).  In that role, she managed a portfolio of over 100 agreements representing over $40M in spend.  Melinda was instrumental in starting and developing this role at CHCA. Savings in one year for the hospital participants was close to $6M.  In addition to managing the portfolio of agreements, Melinda also developed new suppliers, assisted them in working with hospitals and increased their revenues. She has an outstanding reputation with suppliers and helping them to succeed.

“We are very happy to add to our growing company, a person of such great experience, skill and professionalism as Melinda.  She will bring real world contracting experience to her role representing suppliers, specifically in the purchased services area, which is growing in visibility to the contracting world.  We look forward to a very productive relationship with Ms. McDonald and welcome her aboard,” EHM Managing Partner Stan Schroeder commented.

Prior to her work with the CHCA Group Purchasing Services division, Melinda was responsible for the Executive Institute.  The Executive Institute was a membership organization with CHCA comprised of CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CNOs.  Her responsibilities included formulating a yearly business plan for the Executive Institute, planning and facilitating three meetings per year for the CEOs, coordinating deliverables and projects for the Executive Institute, and marketing and selling the Executive Institute for renewals every year.

Melinda also held a position at Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, Missouri.  She was instrumental in the development of a Women’s Heart Center, as well as various programming for women.  Melinda’s other responsibilities included developing advertising campaigns for print, radio and television, as well as handling team and event sponsorships.  She also worked with the team charged with purchasing physician practices.

Melinda began her career with Xerox Corporation.  Her last assignment was an account executive handling transportation and advertising agencies.  She attended the Xerox sales school, as well as other sales and account management training programs.

In her new role at EHM, McDonald will be responsible for creating and developing national accounts programs for EHM clients, specializing in the purchased services area.

Melinda received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia Southern University and her MBA from the University of Kansas.

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EHM August 2012 Newsletter

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Tue, Aug 07, 2012 @02:40 PM


Essential Healthcare Management Newsletter August 2012
The EHM Family: Nancy Kailas

Nancy Kailas

Nancy Kailas is a big-picture thinker, strategic manager and change agent with broad-based leadership experience in the health care industry, including a concentration in medical devices.  Differentiated by her business acumen and relationship building skills, Nancy creates a competitive advantage by empowering sales forces, customizing services and solutions, and instilling customer intimacy.  She is exemplary in securing large contracts, structuring deals around the relationships, and driving results, especially in the GPO (Group Purchasing Organization), government, Regional Purchasing Groups and IDN market sectors.

Before joining EHM, Nancy served as Vice President of Sales in the $140M Surgical Division at Molnlycke Healthcare, where she led a sales organization and clinical team and was instrumental in its realignment and optimization.  Prior to that appointment, she held the position of Vice President of Corporate Accounts for the Molnlycke U.S. business, and was responsible for developing and executing contract strategies, solidifying strategic alliances, and managing legal and financial obligations for national accounts in both the wound care and surgical divisions.  Previously, she held the positions of Senior Director of National Accounts for Regent Medical, Director of Corporate Sales for Kraft Foodservice/Alliant Foodservice, and Account Manager at Baxter Healthcare.

To her role at EHM, Nancy brings an impressive history of helping companies generate revenue.  She has worked closely with GPOs, IDNs, acute care hospitals, surgery centers and long term care facilities. She has secured the necessary contracts, designed and implemented business development strategies, and formulated successful execution plans.

In addition to working with Clients, Nancy most recently has taken on the role of Business Development for EHM.

Nancy is married to David Fouts and they have five children and reside in the Chicago area.


By: Rob Bahna, Vice President of Sales, Resuscitation International

In my humble opinion, we use the word "hero" too liberally these days. It is difficult to turn on the news and not hear them hailing someone as a "hero" for doing something. I believe we may see a lot of heroic acts, but that does not make someone a true "hero". And I certainly applaud everyone who performs a heroic act.

When I think of a hero, I think of someone who has demonstrated qualities that show distinguished courage and brave deeds and noble qualities over time that make them someone who we can look up to and admire.

Many of you have heard the story of Louis Zamperini. He was arguably going to be the first person to break the 4-minute mile mark according to many experts and fellow runners. He made the 1936 US Olympic team in an event (the 5000) that he had only run in competitively 4 times. Unfortunately, his future Olympic dreams were destroyed when the 1940 Olympics were cancelled.

He joined the Army Air Corps in 1941. He was assigned to be a Bombardier on at B-24 Liberator. They had several "successful" missions, although they took heavy fire and some of the crew was killed. In World War II, 35,933 AAF planes were lost in combat and accidents. On Thursday, May 27, 1943 Louis was aboard a search plane looking for a missing B-24. Louis' plane crashed into the ocean, killing 9 men. Louis, the pilot and one other man miraculously made it to the life rafts. Of the 11 men on board, only 2 would end up surviving.

They were lost at sea, battling sharks, jumping on the side of the rafts, Japanese Zero planes shooting at them, the elements, but mainly starvation, dehydration and maybe most importantly - faith, hope and sanity. After 47 days of hell, they drifted to an Island and were captured by Japanese soldiers.

They were ultimately transferred to a secret interrogation center called Ofuna, where "high-value" captured men were housed in solitary confinement, starved, tormented, and tortured to divulge military secrets. Because Ofuna was kept secret from the outside works, the Japanese operated with an absolutely free hand and did not register the men as living with the Red Cross, or follow the Geneva Convention.

Japan held some 132,000 POWs, of those nearly 36,000 died, more than one in every four. Americans fared particularly badly; of the 34,648 Americans held by Japan, 12,935 - more than 37 percent - died. By comparison, only 1 percent of Americans held by the Nazis and Italians died.

Like all the men, Louis suffered greatly in the camps, mercifully beaten time and time again, nearly starved, worked to exhaustion, and of course they spent the entire time trying to mentally break down the men. Conditions were terrible, and he would stay in these camps until two weeks or so after Japan surrendered on the morning of September 2, 1945. Two years of mental and physical torture that was especially brutal because they knew who he was. His family did not know he was alive until almost the end – and he was officially declared dead.

He finally came back from the war, but was in many accounts a broken man. They did not have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosed at the time. He turned to alcohol to deal with the demons and nightmares. He went to see Billy Graham give a speech and it helped turn him around. He would not let the enemy destroy him and win after all he had been through. He would not let them determine the man he really was.

He eventually returned to Japan and even forgave the guards, opened a youth camp for troubled boys and toured the country speaking. He ran with the Olympic torch several different times and discovered skateboarding in his 70s.

When you watch the Olympics over the next few weeks, remember how much so many have given to keep our country and world safe. They are truly Heroes. And no matter how difficult your week or month has been, it could be a lot worse.

Pick up the book, Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand (the author of Seabiscuit). This is where all of this information came from. And it is definitely worth the read.

Want New Healthcare Customers? Share Your Knowledge!

Cynthia Baker, Accolades Public Relations

In our last blog, we discussed the painful knowledge that developing a sharp, attractive website with well-written content is just not enough.  "Build it and they will come" simply does not attract sufficient website traffic for new business development.  With basic SEO, your new website is still fairly isolated on the web unless your grassroots marketing efforts are driving traffic to your site.

You are going to need fresh, ongoing content optimized with relevant keyword terms.  You will want to discover and employ the keyword terms that your clients/customers use when they search for your company, its services and products online.  This optimized content will serve as a magnet and will pull potential customers to your site. Blogs, which automatically  optimize posts for SEO, are the most convenient way to provide keyword-rich content for your site on a continuous basis.

Blogging is your next step to becoming social on the web. 

  • Share the knowledge that you share now with customers and clients everyday in helping them to solve their problems.
  • Demonstrate the depth of the knowledge that you have in the healthcare industry and the trends affecting it.  
  • Share valuable healthcare information to a wider audience online.

How do you overcome procrastination and writer's block so you can get started?  Maybe this will motivate you .... more blogging equals more customers.

“Increased frequency of blogging correlates with increased customer acquisition, according to…HubSpot. 92% of blog users who posted multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog, a figure that decreased to 66% for those who blogged monthly and 43% for those who posted less than monthly.” ( Marketing Charts)

Ask your sales team to cheer you on!  I bet they would prefer these odds ... more blogging means more leads.

"B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms." ( Social Media B2B)

With customers researching healthcare companies before they engage with them in doing business, it only makes good sense to share your industry knowledge directly with the public online via a blog and then to distribute the blog posts through the social networks.

"Social media sites and blogs reach 80% of all U.S. internet users." ( Mindjumpers)

Our Accolades team consults with healthcare companies  - assisting  with strategic thinking to determine the best topics to discuss online, pinpointing the keyword strategy to be used and developing blog content for them when they are too busy to do it themselves.  Let us know if we can help ... just reach out via our Contact Us page. 

Thanks to Jeff Bullas for his meaningful blog statistics - more are available at:

Client News
New Clients
Essential Healthcare Management recently joined forced with the following companies:

Compression Therapy Concepts

CTC Golf Hat

CTC participates as a sponsor at the AHRMM12 16th Annual Golf Tournament in San Antonio.

The Optime Group

Ed Hisscock, President, of The Optime Group co-leads the panel for "A CMO Discussion on Achieving Supply Chain Success" at AHRMM12

EHM News: Melinda McDonald Joins EHM Team Melinda McDonald

We are proud to announce that healthcare industry veteran Melinda McDonald has joined EHM as Senior Vice President.  McDonald's knowledge and success will help our clients to achieve their sales goals and expand market share dramatically.  Welcome ABOARD!

Upcoming Conferences: EHM Official Fall 2012 IDN Summit Sponsor

We hope to see you soon!

You can always find us at


Essential Healthcare Management
Dallas, TX
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EHM and SunClean

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Fri, Aug 03, 2012 @04:34 PM


DALLAS – July 11, 2012 – (EHM), a healthcare business consulting firm, was chosen by SunClean LLC,  manufacturers and distributors of the SunClean150 Solar/Battery Powered Trash Compactor,  to help secure contracts with group purchasing organizations, integrated delivery networks, and regional purchasing coalitions across the United States.  SunClean150 is a patented compacting trash receptacle good for indoor or outdoor use that is completely self-powered. SunClean150 uses solar/battery power for 100% of its energy needs. The units’ footprint is the same as an ordinary receptacle but its capacity is five times greater. This means fewer collection trips, less fuel use and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  The SunClean also provides cost efficiencies from labor and maintenance savings, and offers a range of environmental benefits. It can be solar or battery powered and is safe, easy to use, and designed to keep out pests. SunClean looks great, and is a true energy-smart choice.

EHM is a healthcare business development firm, creating demand for the products and services of leading medical suppliers.   The group combines corporate accounts strategy and operational infrastructure to meet the needs of their clients.  The EHM Team brings over 100 years of healthcare experience to the table and is fully dedicated to changing healthcare for the better.

SunClean is a Certified Minority Owned Business providing earth-friendly cleaning products, equipment, and systems for a wide variety of industrial and commercial cleaning and waste management applications. SunClean’s automatic recycling systems can be found throughout the Continental United States and abroad.

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EHM and Pulmodyne

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Thu, Aug 02, 2012 @01:48 PM


DALLAS – July 11, 2012 – (EHM) a healthcare business consulting firm, was chosen by Pulmodyne, Inc. to help secure contracts with group purchasing organizations, integrated delivery networks, and regional purchasing coalitions across the United States.

EHM is a healthcare business development firm, creating demand for the products and services of leading medical suppliers.   The group combines corporate accounts strategy and operational infrastructure to meet the needs of their clients.  The EHM Team brings over 100 years of healthcare experience to the table and is fully dedicated to changing healthcare for the better.

Pulmodyne, Inc. is an ISO certified manufacturer of medical devices for anesthesia, respiratory, emergency, nuclear medicine, drug delivery and other products.  Since 1985, Pulmodyne has developed and produced a wide range of proprietary products for direct distribution worldwide.

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Are You Talking Too Much?

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Thu, Jun 21, 2012 @02:03 PM

Frank Ripullo was recently quoted in an ANAE "Sales Tips" for Reps Who Like to Win Issue
"Many Sales Representatives are talking too much. When you're talking, you're telling. When you ask questions to get clients talking about their needs, you're selling; you're finding out what they want to own. Only then can you guide them to the right product or service"

Frank Ripullo
Managing Partner/Founder
Essential Health Management

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EHM June 2012 Newsletter

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Mon, Jun 04, 2012 @01:49 PM

Essential Healthcare Management Newsletter June 2012
The EHM Family: Michael Pola

Mike Pola Here at Essential Healthcare Management, we value relationships.  To EHM, trusted partners and productive partnerships are not just a priority – they are a privilege.  We would like you to meet one of our people who is a proven expert at building and maintaining those types of relationships in healthcare, Senior Vice President, Michael Pola.

Mike is an experienced senior executive with 20+ years of broad-based expertise developing Sales Teams and National Account programs. He has an outstanding record of recognizing and creating new business opportunities and positioning companies to succeed.

Mike was most recently at SterilMed, a VC funded leader in the third party reprocessing industry, where he was hired to establish the west coast sales channels. During Mike’s tenure, SterilMed rapidly grew from $5M to $80M in annual revenue, and was subsequently acquired for $275M.  Prior to SterilMed, Mike founded Allergear, an allergy consumer products and consulting company. The company provided sales and marketing expertise to early-stage healthcare organizations. In 1998, Mike joined Influence Medical to introduce new products to the ENT market and to lead the company’s worldwide sales expansion. Influence was sold in 1999 to American Medical Systems. Prior to Influence Medical,  Mr. Pola held sales and sales management positions at Pentax Medical, Medtronic and Marion Laboratories.

Mike leverages his National Accounts and Sales background to help EHM clients gain access to provider networks and to build strong sales teams that create optimal hospital market penetration. Mike’s understanding of the healthcare market, and his experience working with medical industry decision makers give EHM’s clients access to incredible opportunities.

Pola Family Mike is an avid traveler who took a long-planned year off with his family in 2010.  They lived in Southern Spain, Israel, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay -  the trip of a lifetime!  When he’s not working, Mike likes to spend time with family and friends and loves to host dinner parties in his new home in San Francisco.  Mike is also involved in several non-profit organizations focused on helping at-risk youth.  Additionally, he serves as a board member and advisor to both his high school and college.  Mike likes to stay active by cycling the Marin Headlands a couple of times a week.  He loves to play golf but is resigned to the fact that he will never break an 18 handicap.  

In 2008 Mike went back to school to get a Master’s Degree in Health Administration.  This achievement has helped Mike to better understand the evolving and uncertain world of modern healthcare from a “bottom line” perspective. Mr. Pola received his Bachelor of Science degree from Santa Clara University.

A Level Playing Field?

By: Stan Schroeder, Managing Partner, EHM

I believe in fair play.  Give everyone the chance to compete, and to win.  I also believe that if today we all started over from scratch, that I would become successful again.  I base this on my work ethic, common sense, and an overinflated (probably unjustified) ego.

The “even playing field” theory should extend to all areas of business.  Whether one believes in the free market or not, it is hard to argue against the position that the incredible gains made by American companies since the industrial revolution began  would not have been acheived without the capitalist system, which is theoretically the epitome of fairness.

But there is an issue with that:  our form of capitalism has never been “unfettered”, like politicians and pundits often posit.  It has always been “fettered”, if you will, by many factors:  the influence of large companies, government involvement, cronyism, local vs. national contracting, various types of corruption, etc.

So what programs/ideas/concepts can make the playing field “fair”, specifically in the healthcare market, while still keeping competition and incentive/reward for innovation and achievement?

If is from the debates surrounding this question that diversity supplier programs arose.  People realized that traditionally overlooked companies (HUB –Historically Underutilized Businesses) were not being given a fair shot in the broader healthcare market.

There are many reasons that this happened/happens:

*Bundling of products by large, entrenched suppliers

*High level influencer relationships

*Perception of lack of capability

*Limited resources that result in limited visibility/viability

-And in some cases smaller and/or diverse suppliers are missing key components required for their success:

*Strong sales rep structure and talent level

*Administrative/operational structure and expertise/experience

*Access to decision makers

*General “bandwidth” to handle multiple simultaneous issues

EHM aligns with small businesses because we ARE a small business.  Frank started EHM specifically to assist these companies with inherent start-up/growth limitations by creating more enterprise agility, and more viability and visibility in the marketplace.

It happens that many Women, Minority, and Veteran - owned business enterprises are small, and struggling with the issues listed above.  Our solution therefore has become a very good fit for WMBE’s in the healthcare market place.

We are very pleased with the success of our WMBE and Veteran owned clients.  It is fun to watch a small company overcome obstacles and become successful.  It is a joy to be a part of it. 

This week Frank and I will be participating with Deborah Williams’ Premier SEEDS Diversity Supplier Forum in Nashville.  We are happy to be involved and hope that we can help.    We believe that diversity and inclusion, as business practices, are not just good social sense but can be very good for healthcare’s “bottom line”.


"Diverse suppliers often realize success by learning from others that have experienced achievements and disappointments. The team at Essential Healthcare Management has brought great value to their diverse partners mostly because of their collective healthcare background. We have seen tremendous growth with some of their clients, specifically Compression Therapy Concepts. Essential pro vided effective mentoring to CTC which has led to sustainable growth.”  - Lamont Robinson, Senior Director, Supplier Diversity, Novation


CTC earns the MedAssets, 2012 Diversity Supplier Award

Wish You Well!

By: Rob Bahna, Vice President of Sales, Resuscitation International

As an avid reader, I appreciate it when others share learning opportunities that they occasionally find from unique and outstanding books. Many of you may be familiar with David Baldacci, the best selling author of many books about politics, spies and intrigue. If not, his books are some of my favorite from the action based fiction category. However, it was one of his that I came across recently that is one that I hope you pick up - and give to your children if you have them.

The book, called Wish You Well, is actually required reading in school districts throughout the country. It tells the story of twelve year old Louisa Mae Cardinal and her transition from New York city of 1940, to living in the Virginia mountains with her great-grandmother on her farm.

My mother grew up on a farm with 9 siblings in Ohio. And some of this book and story relates to me in this way. But the other thing that Baldacci points out is that we really don't take the time to learn even about our families and take advantage of that history.

But, Baldacci says it much better than I can. Here are some quotes from various parts of the book:

“Unfortunately, we live in a time where everyone seems to be solely looking ahead, as though we deem nothing in the past worthy of our attention. The future is always fresh and exciting, and it has a pull on us that times past simply can never muster. Yet it may be our greatest wealth as human beings can be “discovered” by simply looking behind us.” David Baldacci in his author’s note for the book “Wish You Well”.

“One’s courage, hope and spirit can be severely tried by the happenstance of life. But as I learned on that Virginia mountain, as long as one never loses faith, it is impossible to ever truly be alone.”

“I hope that once you close the last page of Wish You Well, you will want to journey through the past of your own family, to learn the things you never knew before – stories of love, sadness, loss or happiness. These emotions are innately human, and they forge the bands of shared experiences that connect us all. In fact, these connections, both large and small, over time are what constitute our humanity.”

William Faulkner once wrote, “The past is never dead, it’s not even past.”

As a business leader, one of my goals is to always really learn about the people I work with. But then I stop and think, how much can I still learn about from those people I have known for years?

My grandparents never had a computer or cell phone, let alone an Ipad. As a matter of fact they had a shared phone line that you had to wait for the neighbors to finish talking before you could make a call. I don't believe they ever flew on an airplane. Their home did not have central air or heat. We thought we would freeze when we were sleeping upstairs. They worked their farm for 15 plus hours each day and hoped the weather cooperated. By all accounts - they had a difficult life. It would be a shame not to learn from it.

But I have to put down my cell phone and Ipad to do it....

Pick up the book. You will not be sorry. 


Is Your Website a Lonely Island?

Cynthia Baker, Accolades Public Relations

There are few lonelier fates for a website than to remain isolated like an island on the Web.  

This happens when a website sits alone, unconnected to other websites in the vast digital sea of the internet. Instead of gaining exposure and connecting with other sites, an island website relies on chance discoveries for new business opportunities. This is no way to succeed in the highly competitive, and increasingly interconnected online market.

The key to preventing an isolated fate for your website is to establish links with other sites. In a marketing age where your brand is only as strong as your Google search results, it is important to have a basic understanding of the search engine’s ranking system. There are two methods for gaining ground on search results; the first is through paid advertising. The second is by allowing your search results to grow organically.

Google produces search results by ranking websites based on how helpful they are to users. One way to determine this is through links pointing to and leading away from a site. The rationale says the more links a site has, the more connected it is to other content that users might find useful when searching for a particular topic.

There are some easy steps any business can take to begin increasing their Google ranking organically. Posting links is essential for a useful website, and it is equally important to post quality links. Create links to relevant content related to key phrases in your blog posts; avoiding links on inactive phrases, such as ‘click here.’ By providing an informational source that attracts an audience by serving their needs the blog earns a higher Google ranking. For example, a healthcare company's site could be more useful and draw more traffic by starting a new blog about how their product or service will serve patients or reduce hospital costs.

There is so much more that businesses can do to help their customers find them online. Luckily the tools and techniques for connecting to the right people are not impossible to learn (or even that complicated if you have the right tools and resources). With all the different ways to connect, there is no reason a website should ever be an island.

Accolades PR is committed to helping businesses understand the best ways maximizing the effectiveness of their websites. Reach out to learn more about how to get your site found on the Web. Leave a comment and let us know how you have made your site useful to your target audience.

Client News: Compression Therapy Concepts Receives Champion for Change Award

Compression Therapy Concepts (CTC) (Eatontown, NJ), which markets the VasoPress DVT product line, was awarded the 2012 Practice Greenhealth (Reston, VA) Champion for Change Award at the annual CleanMed meeting. The award is for outstanding contributions to environmentally responsible healthcare suppliers, and recognizes businesses and organizations that demonstrate successful accomplishments in greening their own organization and have assisted their customers in improving their environmental performance. CTC, when moving to an additional warehouse, improved its property with solar power. For more information, contact CTC at 800-993-9013


EHM News: Family on the Go

Our founder, Frank Ripullo has been branching out into other ventures. He, and his wife Angie and daughter Rosalia, are currently being featured in Samsung's national TV campaign for the Galaxy Note! Click here to view in full!


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EHM April 2012 Newsletter

Posted by Jessica Hartman DeVore on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 @01:32 PM

Essential Healthcare Management Newsletter April  2012
The EHM Family: Espen Kateraas

Here at Essential Healthcare Management, we value relationships.  To EHM, trusted partners and productive partnerships are not just a priority – they are a privilege.  We would like you to meet one of our people who is a proven expert at building and maintaining those types of relationships in healthcare. Executive Director, Espen Kateraas.

Espen has a broad managerial and operational background in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, imaging, health and wellness spaces. He is a business administration graduate of both Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, and Drottnignborg Videregående Skole in his native Norway. He also studied at the National University of Singapore and at the Institute of European Studies in Vienna, Austria. Espen is a veteran of the Norwegian Air Force and is multilingual – which is often helpful when working with companies based outside the U.S.

Recently, Espen has assisted European healthcare companies in their attempts to successfully enter the US market place. His current focus is on helping companies leverage more efficient and affordable healthcare solutions grounded in prevention and positive patient outcomes.

Mr. Kateraas is passionately engaged in leading and promoting a healthy life style through physical fitness, wellness and a healthy diet. He is also the holder of several issued and pending US/International patents in this area.

Espen’s areas of expertise include; Espen on Bike

* US & Int'l Business Relations
* Supply Chain Mgmt.
* Strategic Planning Processes
* Relentless Execution of Growth Initiatives 
* Global Market Leadership & Strategy Development
* Team Leadership 
* P&L Control
* Manufacturing & Operations Management
* Turnaround / Business Refocus
* New Business Development and Launch
* Due Diligence / M&A / Global Integrations
* Coaching and motivation      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Espen at his other office.

The Movie of Your LIfe - Uplifting or Sad?

By: Stan Schroeder, Managing Partner, EHM

What story do you tell yourself?  It has been said that “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”.  How does this happen?  Sure, the huge broad strokes and grand events of a life add up and matter.  Big risks often dictate our direction and destination.  But what about the other 99.9% of the time?

The day-to-day life we live – the minute tasks, details, and movements – are when our internal dialogue takes over and effects us.  Sort of like the narrator of the movie version of our lives.  (I just had the thought that Morgan Freeman’s internal dialogue is probably fantastic!).

Is your narration: Positive or Negative? Guilty or Proud? Angry or Content?  This 99% of our time can control as much, or more, of our path in life as the big decisions do.  In fact, I would submit to you that without the right type of internal story guiding them, people who have reached high levels of success would not have possessed the confidence to take the big (and ultimately profitable) risks!

I myself have made a habit of making career decisions that are 180 Stan Schroeder degrees from conventional.  I know that deep down there is a storyteller laying down a positive soundtrack that gives me the boost required to do the scary things, and take big risks.

I always tell my sons that part of being a good person is doing the RIGHT thing even when it is the more difficult choice.  So….if you know what needs to be done – if you have an idea or dream or grand vision: 

First, take steps to ensure that your internal narration is positive and affirming.  (This may require some “re-writes”)

Remember to engage in positive “self-talk” when you start to hear internal negatives about yourself or your future. 

Create Positive Triggers and Anchors (reminders) such as music, pictures, or verses that snap you back to positive.

Create reminders of your past successes and keep them close by to re-affirm your capabilities when you feel down.

Share in positive communication with friends, associates, mentors and/or loved ones.  ( Frank usually cheers me up when I call him).  Increasing your positive/negative thought ratio will undoubtedly help you to feel happier and to enjoy more success.  It will also help you to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to make the hard decisions required to reach more success (regardless of how you define it).

And don’t forget that no matter how positive you are there is still a high level of work required.  I don’t know anyone who ever lazied their way to the top.  To quote Tony Robbins, “No one every ambled their way to success.”  Success requires action – and action requires internal encouragement.

So go ahead!  Create a new screenplay for the movie of your life.  And this time play the HERO!

A Tribute

By: Rob Bahna, Vice President of Sales, Resuscitation International

The world lost a very good man yesterday. My uncle, Don Bahna, my father’s only sibling/older brother by 7 years or so passed away.
Don was one of the most well read, intelligent, and kindest men I have ever known. He was largely responsible for starting and then being the Principal at both high schools in Sylvania, Ohio and touched thousands of lives in his roles there.
To me he was the uncle who was the “CLAW”. I am sure you had one of those, who were seemingly always ready to play and have fun when you were little. He would be relentless in his pursuit of making us laugh and torturing us by tickling.

To my Uncle Don’s wife of 50+ years, my Aunt Kay and his 4 children and grandchildren, he was obviously much more, for many years. I could write a lot more about his accomplishments in many areas.
However, I want to focus on just one of the many ways he was so instrumental in my dad’s life, future, and inevitably that of my whole family. You see, my father grew up on the Hungarian side of Toledo, Ohio, not very far from the famous Tony Paco’s restaurant that the character Klinger made famous on M*A*S*H. There was a lot of love, hard work and happiness in this neighborhood. But, money was earned through long days of hard blue-collar work.
Since my father was so much younger than Don, when he used to tag along every day to the baseball field because Don had no choice, my father had to play against kids much older than he was. This forced him to develop much faster than the other kids his age or he would have to sit out – because they did not let him play until he was good enough. Inevitably, that and considerable talent lead him to be a great high school pitcher (he was just elected in his high school athletic hall of fame this fall) and earning the first full baseball scholarship to Bowling Green State University.
My father would not have been able to afford to go to college without that baseball scholarship. Without that scholarship and his ability to get a job that required a degree, who knows what would have happened. My Uncle Don went to school on academic scholarships.
You see in the sandlots of life, there were no rules saying everyone has to play a certain number of innings, or that we are not going to keep score, or that there are no winners and losers, and not everyone gets a trophy.
There are hundreds if not thousands of people:
-Competing for the top class ranks
-Taking college entrance exams
-Trying to get into the same schools and post-graduate schools
-Applying for the available jobs
-Working towards the available promotions
-Doing their best to hit their objectives and set themselves apart from the crowd
-Working on being the top performer at what they do
My dad also tells the story of how my Uncle Don through him out of the boat in the middle of the lake and told him to “sink or swim”. Although we know he would not have let him drown, we need to be careful how much we insulate and protect the people around us because that is not always what is best for them (even if it is what makes us the most comfortable).
God Speed Uncle Don. You made a lot of lives better by the man you were. And it is a great lesson for all of us. We usually don’t realize the full influence we have, or could possibly have on people.

EHM Client News

In the last six months EHM has helped the following clients to gain agreements with all the major GPO's and several IDN's and RPC's:

Compression Therapy Concepts
Statlab Medical
Advanced Circulatory Systems, Inc.
RF Technologies, Inc.
Uresil, LLC
U.S. Arthroplasty
Emerge Medical
DM Systems

Instant Recognition

Cynthia Baker, Accolades Public Relations

What does your corporate logo say about you? Does it clearly communicate your industry, product/service, and inherent value? Is it eye catching and memorable? Does it convey your corporate personality? Is it instantly recognizable? If you said ‘yes’ to all of the above, congratulations, you are on your way to making a good impression on prospective clients and customers. However, if you said ‘no’ – and realistically, you probably did – there’s work to be done.

That’s the position Essential Healthcare Management was in a few months ago when we began the process of developing a new corporate identity. The company name already said a lot – Essential Healthcare Management provides a variety of management services to healthcare companies. The challenge was to develop a graphic identity and tagline that tells even more.

The Accolades PR team learned that what sets EHM apart is its focus on business growth for its clients. That led us to the eventual tagline: “The catalyst for business growth.” Because of the high-stress nature of today’s healthcare industry, we chose a calming green and blue color palette to convey how EHM reduces clients’ anxiety level.  Finally, we selected a graphic element that combines the globe and healthcare crosses to reinforce EHM’s global experience and healthcare specialization. Check out the EHM website ( to see how effectively the logo communicates.

A great logo should reflect the ever-changing relationship between a company and its clients or customers. Does your logo accurately convey who your compaany is, what it does, and what sets it apart? Does it incorporate the right elements to appeal to your target audience? Is it used consistently across all communication platforms? Is it holding your brand back?

If you haven’t thoroughly evaluated your logo in the past two years, it’s time to take a closer look. The Accolades PR team can guide you through the process and show you how to make sure your logo is working hard for you every day.


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