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Patient Satisfaction

Posted by Stan Schroeder on Wed, Apr 06, 2011 @02:43 PM

TruthPoint Helps Hospitals Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

EHM prides itself on connecting valuable medical industry suppliers with those who have purchasing power. Our latest client that we are positioning for success is TruthPoint, which offers an innovative method of helping hospitals dramatically improve their patient experience scores. With this technology in place, TruthPoint can greatly assist Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) with meeting their own goals when it comes to patient satisfaction.

ACOs will likely become the predominant option for integrating healthcare services for Medicare recipients beginning in January 2012, and EHM aims to ease the way for medical industry suppliers to align their missions to this new system. As the number of registered ACOs continues to skyrocket, EHM is focusing on helping its clients become as marketable as possible to these new organizations and their potential purchasing power. One of the primary ways this can be achieved is by helping clients create services that will appeal across a broad range of healthcare spectrums.

Having accurate and easy-to-procure patient experience scores can eliminate a large burden from hospitals. By relying on TruthPoint, healthcare providers will be able to spend less time obtaining their own figures and more time using the figures from TruthPoint to strategize on how best to serve their patients and strengthen their financial results. TruthPoint’s system is so easy for patients to use that hospitals can implement it at every point of care throughout their system to get a wide-ranging array of results.

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