What they’re saying....

"Since engaging with EHM in mid-2012, WestCMR has moved in to a new chapter of our journey through the minefield that is Healthcare. Contracting for contracting's sake is one thing, but negotiating meaningful agreements where both parties clearly understand the end goal and are equally engaged and benefit is another thing. EHM has brought such meaning to the table.Their talented team has been instrumental in accelerating conversations and keeping initiatives on track as we have navigated the GPO/RPO landscape. Their team is a solid "Who's Who" of successful industry experts that are truly jazzed about helping small and mid-sized "players" get seen, heard and "Invited to the dance" ..... so to speak. We are especially pleased with the excellent communication and leadership provided by Nancy Kailas and Michael Pola, Their specific insights to the industry and ability to understand the uniqueness of the services provided by WestCMR has been refreshing. In addition, they have assisted our team in developing many relevant skills that will enhance their future performance. I am convinced that the partnership we enjoy with EHM is one of the key reasons why WestCMR is poised for phenomenal growth for many years to come and I highly recommend engaging with Stan, Frank and this talented team. They will not disappoint you."

-Randy Ware, President/CEO/Founder, West Coast Medical Resources, Inc.

"When we engaged Jeff Hayes from EHM over 3 years ago it seemed like an awful lot of money to spend without any guarantee of success.  Fortunately for us we took that leap of faith and have been rewarded with a dramatic uptick in sales.  Not only have they helped us grow our business, they are good guys and easy to work with.”

- Mike Aubrey, President, StatLab Medical Products

“Since working with Jeff Hayes and EHM over the past year, Pulmodyne has significantly enhanced our exposure in the GPO arena.  EHM’s expertise and deep-seated connections have brought our company to a new level with the solutions we can provide.  There is no doubt in my mind that Pulmodyne would not be where we are today without the partnership we have with EHM."
- Todd A. Laderach, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Pulmodyne

"We have been extremely impressed with EHM. In the highly competitive healthcare workforce management industry, they seized quickly on the opportunities and issues in our business and put together a comprehensive plan. Their expertise in the healthcare arena, and remarkable relationships with decision makers is invaluable.  Jeff Hayes and Mike Bomstad both took considerable time to understand the intimate details of our business model, and applied their high-energy and analytical skills to present to us a more transparent view of how to approach not only large GPO's and IDN's, but standalone healthcare organizations as well.  We now leverage their talent nationally, and are very pleased with their results! We would definitely recommend EHM to any company seeking to better understand their strengths and weaknesses within their organization, and how to capitalize on those aspects of their business, as well as increasing brand exposure on a national level.  In our minds, EHM's relationship with Shift Wizard has become more of a "partner relationship" and less of a "transactional relationship."
- Shane Parker RN, Founder and Managing Partner, Shift Wizard

"I have had the distinct privilege of working with Stan on several major projects that reflected the positive outcome of our company's growth and profitability. His experience and relationships in the medical community as well as the GPO's and IDN's has taken our company to a level that we could not do without his expertise. Stan exemplifies true professionalism, and his work ethic is outstanding. I am truly happy with his results." 
- Dave Acosta, National Sales Manager, Estill Medical Technologies, Inc.

“Frank provided us an eagle's eye view of the health care supply chain, identifying opportunities for growth and maintaining consistent contact throughout. Highly versed in the complicated relationships between distributor, manufacturer, IDN and GPO Frank guided us carefully and confidently into our first three major contracts. He knows the executives, managers, consultants and other players in national contracting, to whom he introduced us with aplomb. Empowering, knowledgeable ... suffice it to say we'd be a very different company today without his help.”
Michael Drennan, Manager of sales Operations, DM Systems, Inc.

“Stan (EHM) has provided ACSI with a solid strategy for growing our national accounts program and has worked well with our team to implement the contracts we have secured to date. He understands our therapy and can communicate its value at the corporate and clinical level. Stan does an excellent job of helping us prioritize what GPOs and IDNs we should go after based on our internal resources and our dealers capabilities. Stan is part of our team and we consider his work vital to the success of ACSI.”
Fred Hunter, President, Advanced Circulatory Systems, Inc.

“Frank's strong expertise in GPOs has helped us to navigate and winning major group purchasing contracts. Frank also go beyond his call of duty to assist in many detailed business proposals and sales efforts. He is a great asset to any organization that is looking to increase their market and mind shares within the healthcare industry.”
David Tong, President, Rubicon Technologies

“Stan (EHM) did an exceptional job on representing RFT by covering large national IDNs and GPOs. He was fantastic to work with because he is very customer focused, smart and a detail oriented person. Stan earned my trust because he has deep experience and an exceptionally strong healthcare network. His big expertise and leadership and proficiency make him able to uniquely package a solution that works for his client as well as the end customer.”
Keith Koby, former Executive Vice President, RF Technologies

“Frank is a diligent and collaborative business partner. Frank and I worked together on the Novation pneumatic compression agreement while he was the Huntleigh national account manager. I found Frank to be a good strategic thinker and able to implement strategy effectively. As a result, Novation and Huntleigh were able to grow contract sales by over 20 percent in our time working together.”
– Jeff Markle, Novation Portfolio Executive 

“I hired Stan (EHM) to help us develop new relationships with healthcare capital equipment vendors and group purchasing organizations. Almost immediately, he began scheduling calls and appointments with key people in large companies like VHA, Premier and Broadlane. His access is incredible. More importantly, he knows how to uncover opportunities in healthcare, and is patient and thorough enough to help you attain them. I highly recommend Stan and Essential Healthcare Management for the development of strategic business relationships in healthcare.”
Kevin Neuse, former director of the Business Advisory Group, OneSource Financial Corp.

“Frank is an excellent resource. He has extensive skills, extreme motivation and is driven to help others succeed.”
Leonard Nass, Vice President, Compression Therapy Concepts

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Frank. I hold him in the highest regard and highly encourage anyone that needs helps with strategy, management or execution of a corporate accounts initiative to engage him and his organization. In a time when trust and ethics are paramount to success, Frank continues to lead the way for many organizations.”
John Pritchard, President, Medical Distribution Services, Inc.